When this blog started, I expected that many of the posts would involve the Free, Open Source image-processing program Fiji. As it happens, just about all of the posts call on Fiji for one thing or another, so I thought it was worth a page of its own.


Fiji Is Just ImageJ

What is it?

Fiji is an image processing program, built on ImageJ but bundled with plugins that improve the functionality of ImageJ.

What can it do?

Just about anything you want within the realms of image processing, although limited data analysis can also be performed. The vanilla Fiji can do geometric manipulations (rotate, flip, resize, scale), stack manipulation (reorder, duplicate, montage), particle/cell/object tracking, registration and co-localisation to name but a few. To my mind, one of the most important features is the integration of Bioformats which allows the user to open proprietary imaging formats from basically any manufacturer.

Where can I get it?

Versions for Mac, Windows and Linux can be downloaded from here for free (like beer and speech)

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