The Centre for Cell Imaging at the University of Liverpool is a world class Imaging Facility. We have a centralised custom built facility to house our microscopes which include among them Laser Scanning Confocals, an Epifluorescent microscope, a Zeiss Lightsheet Z1 and a custom-built photothermal setup.bannerWe excel in live cell imaging, particularly those experiments requiring environmental control (including temperature, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide). We also pride ourselves on having expertise in a range of techniques including Correlation spectroscopy, Lifetime Imaging, Colocalisation Analysis, FRAP and FRET among others.

I joined the Lévy lab in 2014  and as part of my position, provide technical assistance and support to users the CCI. This largely means helping users with the (Post Acquisition!) analysis of imaging data. As well as covering the simple quantification of images, solutions often involve automating workflows, batch processing or custom scripting in a range of programming languages.

As a further service to our users, we also offer bespoke training and workshops to individuals or groups, on topics such as  Digital Imaging Theory, Research Data Management and Image Analysis.

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