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Down on the (Visio)-pharm

Since my first post on the blog four years and a month ago, I’m moving on from a my role at the Liverpool Centre for Cell Imaging to pastures new. As of April 2019, I’ll be working as a Technical Specialist with Visiopharm, helping to develop their business in the UK and Latin Europe.

As this blog was chiefly in use as a repository of information and curiosities from projects and users that I encountered during my work at the CCI, it’s unlikely there will be many posts in the near future. Who knows maybe the blog will live on in the hands of the next Image Analyst.

Thoughts on #LiveTweeting

Blog and Log

As a part of the Centre for Cell Imaging and a member of the Microscopy and BioImage Analysis community, I occasionally get away to conferences like the recent NEUBIAS training school and symposium in Portugal.


Since having joined Twitter last year (@dn_mason), this is the second conference that I’ve been to, and as a result, was the second time I tried (with reasonable success) to Live Tweet at the conference.

Live What Now?

Going right back to basics, Twitter is a platform for broadcasting small messages (of ~140 characters). Some describe it as micro-blogging. To many, the brevity of each tweet is both it’s greatest strength and also one of the most frustrating features.

Live tweeting, is basically the act of providing a running commentary of a seminar, event or even a whole conference. All of the tweets associated with such an event can be tied together using…

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Hi there! I work at the Liverpool Centre for Cell Imaging at the University of Liverpool, helping users with their Image Analysis problems. Broadly, image analysis is the process of turning images into numbers. Related to this are Image Acquisition (capturing images) and Data Analysis (turning numbers into something meaningful).

WorkflowI find many of the problems I come across are really interesting, which is reason enough to share them. The other point of this blog however, is to disseminate the methods, techniques and processes that I use, in the hope that other people might find them useful and instructive (and also as a repository for me to direct people to when they have a specific problem).

I hope you enjoy the blog! I always welcome feedback in the comments section or on Twitter @dn_mason.