This blog has been in the back of my mind for some time. Its purpose is to try to showcase some of the interesting problems, and more importantly solutions, to post-acquisition image analysis problems that I come across in my work supporting users of the Liverpool Centre for Cell Imaging.

Further inspiration comes from my supervisor (and ardent supporter of social media for science communication) Raphaël Lévy and fellow departmental blogger Dave Fernig who once commented in a seminar (given by Neuroskeptic) that researchers should get as much practice writing as possible. It doesn’t matter if no-one reads it, “just start blogging” he said.

I’m in the fortunate position of truly loving my job. I’ve always enjoyed the problem-solving nature of research; trying to solve life’s questions by utilising a range of tools and techniques. But microscopy has always stood out. Perhaps it’s the ability to see life at the micro-scale with your own eyes, a visceral insight rarely found in other techniques.

As an Image Analyst in the CCI, I get to interact with Scientists and help them to solve their problems, improve the efficiency of workflows through automation and champion Open Source tools…but that’s at least 3 other posts.

Dave Mason, March 2015

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